Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wednesday Wanderers

Wed. Wanderers: Ace, Jo, Steve and myself. Beanery Ride - as long or short as we want to make it. Lunch at  (where else) the Beanery. No rain to speak of, until after lunch and the last leg back to the cars.

No pics today
19.6 miles
12.9 av
22.3 max
330 ele gain

Slow Ride

Easy, breezy ride around Albany
Willamette River

Trestle at Bryant Park

One of the grand old houses downtown

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Jefferson to Aumsville

You couldn't ask for a better day in the middle of winter. Sunny and brisk, but no wind.  Ideal winter cycling weather. How often does that happen on the weekend? I think I counted 14 riders. We started out in Jefferson for a relatively flat ride to Aumsville. Lunch at Neufelds, then back to Jefferson along other local roads for a nice loop.

30.7 miles
13.7 average
246 ele. gain
2:14 ride time
A measly 825 calories burned

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Cheadle Lake today

The outdoors beckons. (Apologies to those who are working and are stuck with only a view to blue skies.)

High winds are predicted to show up around lunch time, so if I want to get out for a ride, the time is now. I wasn't going to go far. I didn't want to be out on some lonely road with trees falling all around me (Yeah, it's supposed to be that kind of high winds), so I opted for a quick visit to Cheadle Lake with a meandering return through town.

Cheadle Lake and pretty skies

I see a lot more people with canes and such walking the trail since they paved it. I like that it is more accessible to everyone. Now they just need a restroom that has room for wheelchairs. Since pushing Rachel around in a wheelchair, I've become kind of a snot about these things.

Not all trails are paved.

Took the long way home...well a different route home, I should say. It wasn't really much longer. Old trail along the Santiam.

I got to this spot on the trail and suddenly it sounded like a freight train going by. Leaves started flying...

...and I thought these babies might be coming down. Guess those winds are starting to show themselves.

A few more residential streets, then across Main Street and head towards home. Nice aerobic workout for a mile or so trying to get back to my neighborhood. Seriously happy I didn't have far to go.
4 miles (approx)

Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Shopping Ride

Errand day. Getting ready for holiday party tonight. Rode down to Bimart and the Dollar Store. Finally got my flu shot and picked up some decorations.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

South Lebanon Loop

Took the Rockhopper for a little spin around South Lebanon. No pics today.

5.7 miles
12.9 av

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas Lights Ride #1

I wasn’t planning to ride every day in December, and I didn’t yesterday. Today I stayed in the house, curled up with some reading. But then another rider posted up his ride and I just had to go for a little ride myself. Ron was roped into going along as well. Grabbed some headlamps and extra layers (but not enough it turns out) and went in search of Christmas lights. Might have to do a few of these Christmas light rides the month. Kinda fun. :)

I saved the first house for last since I think it was the prettiest on this night.

Christmas lights 2014

Christmas lights 2014

Christmas lights 2014

2 miles