Monday, January 19, 2015

Dunn Forest Gravel Grinder

I was in Corvallis for a class this morning (and I mean early morning - how did this night owl get roped into a 7:00 am class???) So after an hour of tweaking and contorting into all manner of impossible positions, all in the name of personalized core conditioning, I was off to explore a corner of McDonald-Dunn Research Forests.

I'm particularly fond of Dunn because it seems like the steep climbs are not quite so intense as those found in Mac Forest. (Well I know of one, but I can avoid it.) It also seems to have more sections of pleasant rolling terrain that are fun to ride. And it has plenty of new (to me) roads to explore.

The drive out was both foggy and rainy, not a promising start, but at the trailhead blue skies prevailed.  Today's ride was a combination of old familiar roads and unexplored territory.
And we're off!
The last time I biked here this was a forested hill.
North Berry Creek and requisite bike porn.
Me thinks I'll be going up there
Lunch break.
hmmm ... haven't been up there. Off we go!

At one point I thought I saw a cat or small dog up ahead. Would a cat be way up here alone? It disappeared up the road, and as I rode on I concluded it must be a rabid dog ...

... As I got closer to the spot I was sure it was a baby bear ...
... with Mama just off the road behind one of those little trees.

Might be a wolf ...

... a big black wolf.

Pedal faster!

One short, steep climb and I was out of the scary animal zone. Must have been a local dog out chasing rabbits, or someone's barn cat hunting field mice. Yeah that's it. A little furball cat.
Pano looking Northeast-ish?
Sometimes it pays to look behind you. The views were nice either way. Pics don't do them justice. I rode on through the clear cut and into a small forested section.
So tempting. The road is clear just on the other side of the debris ...
Heck, I can make it over this!
Well ... maybe ...

Made it!
Mist in trees
By this time the fog has rolled back in obscuring most everything. With limited visibility I rode through another clear cut and back into the forest.
I sure hope this road is the road I think it is
Heck yeah! I know this intersection.
The rest of the route was a return on the same road I came in on. Passed a few hikers on my way back to the car. One group with a bevy of little kids fading into the mist.

Not bad for a Monday. The views today were fantastic, and varied, and I explored some new territory - always a bonus in my book!

About a 6 mile ride with 1,060 ft. elevation gain
Road 100, 1010, 190. I'll post a map, if I ever learn how to make one. Debris is on the 1010.

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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Lebanon - Lacomb figure eight ride

Cold and damp but 11 of us braved the weather for a 37 mile ride. Ken and Art rode over from (and back to) Sweet Home. Nice job guys! Out to Lacomb return through Waterloo and River Road. Lunch at the ever popular Big Town Hero.

 36.7 miles
Home now, enjoying the Seahawks

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

That Kind of Day

Back roads
Pedal fast
Music Loud
It was that kind of day.

Perfectly posed until I pulled out the camera

The ever popular fork in the road.
I cursed
I pushed
I laughed
I sang out loud
I cried for Rachel
I sang some more
I danced on my bike
I went slow
I went fast
I am at peace.


21 miles
14.1 average - I didn't say I went fast for long!
18.1 max - shut up!
340? ele. gain. It keeps changing - stupid garmin

Monday, January 5, 2015

Magic at Two Miles

Went for a run today. BLT down by the water treatment plant. It's actually better than it sounds. Two loops is about 3 miles. I was doing my usual run/walk combo, but at two miles magic happened, and I just kept running. Oh not for a long distance, but a good distance for me. Once again noticed that heartrate and respiration don't necessarily correlate. Took a break about halfway through, and walked a cool down when finishing the last mile.

3 Miles
15.12 pace
47.04 time

Friday, December 19, 2014

Jingle Bells

Wrapping presents on a non-rainy day and couldn’t resist the dry streets any longer. Bicycled to the library to return a book: Rebecca Musser's The Witness wore Red. Good book if you're interested in FLDS issues. Cruised out past the new Veteran’s home and heard the jingle of bells. Someone was giving rides in a horse drawn carriage - very cool!

5.77 Miles
Recreational Pace

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Going Postal

Thursday: Only a short trip to the post office to deliver packages. What is it, like, 3 blocks.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wednesday Wanderers

Wed. Wanderers: Ace, Jo, Steve and myself. Beanery Ride - as long or short as we want to make it. Lunch at  (where else) the Beanery. No rain to speak of, until after lunch and the last leg back to the cars.

No pics today
19.6 miles
12.9 av
22.3 max
330 ele gain