Tuesday, October 21, 2014

One more perfect day of riding

Santiam Spinner's Ride: Head to Shedd. 34 miles. Being that I was late getting up, I met the other riders on the road. Another gorgeous day in the valley. Sunny and No wind. How many more days like this will we get? Spotted a banner in the sky. A big flying O. Go Ducks!

Shedd. Heading out after lunch.

Banner in the sky

Go Ducks!
34 miles
14. 5 average
Sunny, no wind

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Helmick Park / King's Valley Bicycle Ride

Saturday's ride was a joint Spokes/Spinner's ride around the beautiful King's Valley area. I have not done this particular route before and I have to say it's one of the loveliest rides I've done. I've done King's Valley from the south and from the North. This loop encompassed the central section plus some area back roads that were new to me. Gorgeous scenery. Too bad I was too busy keeping up to take photos of the really scenic parts.

Only 35 miles, a distance Ron and I have been used to riding, but oh so much more climbing. The last 4 miles my legs were toast. This is my favorite kind of ride. Scenery and hills.

Helmick Park-King's Valley

Helmick Park-King's Valley

Helmick Park-King's Valley
King's Valley

Helmick Park-King's Valley
Ritner Covered Bridge

Helmick Park-King's Valley

Route map (pdf)
35.1 Miles
1485 Elevation gain (Per description)
Information from ride description - my Garmin quit working

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Lake Washington Ride

Finally had a chance to introduce Ron to riding in Seattle. I really didn't intend to take him over so many hills. It was just going to be a little ride along Lake Washington. There is a little climbing to get there, but nothing terrible.

First we chose to ride up through Interlaken Park. It's an easy climb and worth it - like being in a forest far from the city. After the park we made our way down to Lake Washington Boulevard and a gorgeous ride along the lake shore. Pretty flat route too. I think it's part of the STP route.

Lake Washington Boulevard

Lake Washington

Kari futzing on the iphone map

We rode out to Seward Park our turn around point then returned along the same road. Stopped for lunch at a little deli ran by a very nice older gentleman.

Seward Park

Seward Park

Pert's Deli

Since it was getting late we decided on a more direct route home ... up and over the Central District/Capitol Hill area. Four or five big climbs ( and several little ones) we made it back to the apartment.

Last climb on Union Street
23.24 miles
1260.33 total ascent
400.16 ft max ele.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Discovery Park

After clinic on Saturday it was just too nice to stay inside. Nice being cloudy, crisp, with rain coming our direction. Only someone from the PNW would call that a nice day. We headed over to Discovery Park to check out the lighthouse. Rachel and I had found the park earlier this week, but it was dark by the time we drove there. This was a chance to return in daylight to take in the views.
Looking back toward Seattle
West Point Lighthouse
Camera wars on the trail
Old buildings
West Point Lighthouse
Cool Architecture
The rain we spotted across the sound finally came inland and chased us back to the car.
Update: Between infections and other fun medical stuff we are still working on getting to transplant. Next step is an experimental/trial chemo that sounds promising for AML, but is still in the trial stage. Here's hoping for a sucessful remission.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Interlaken Park

Short little ride today. One short, steep climb up Harvard Ave. 18% per garmin - I wonder if that is correct? Thank goodness it was only for a block! Beautiful ride through Interlaken Park. 5.8 miles out and back. I wanted to ride farther, but was afraid I'd have to climb some big-ass hill to get home again. ;)
Overlooking Lake Union

Interlaken Park

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Seattle Waterfront, Medical update, and the Superbowl


Bikey Stuff:
Went for a little ride today, before the game. I headed down town to the waterfront, past the rail yard and made my way over to Ballard Locks. Crossed at the locks making my way through Ballard via 56th, 58th, and 8th to connect up with the Burke-Gilman Trail.

Down town I ran into the ever present ( and always shifting) road block for construction. I had to make a little detour, but traffic was light and the riding wasn't bad at all. Ended up packing the bike down some stairs to get to the waterfront. 

Made about a 15 mile loop.

Ron built up the Trek Pilot frame for me with various and assorted parts, It was my first real ride on the Pilot. Still needs a few tweaks to get her fitting just right. It's a very different frame from my old road bike. I'm not yet sure what I think of it. Some things I like quite well: the smooth ride, sitting up and looking around ( this is nice for tootling along, not so nice for club rides where I struggle to keep up, or in a head wind). The handlebars are as low as they will go. It feels a little slower, but honestly that might be more the motor and less the bike. :)

Seattle waterfront
Space Needle from the waterfront
Puget Sound / Elliot Bay
Along the rail yard
Ballard Locks
Rachel Update:
The transplant is once again on hold. We are fighting an infection. They had to pull her central line as it's most likely the source of the infection. She also now has leukemia blasts in her spinal fluid. This has to be treated separately from her other leukemia, so once the infection is cleared they can will begin another round of chemo for her blood, and also treat the spinal fluid with another type of chemo. When all blasts are gone and she's recovered from the latest chemo she can once again move on to transplant.  And so it goes.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First ride of 2014

I didn't even think about the date today. I was a little bored this afternoon and had a road/route I wanted to check out. It would only be a couple of miles out and back. But after riding out I didn't want to go back, and the street down to the city center looked so enticing.

I was too chicken to ride. It's a big city and I'm from a small town. All the traffic still intimidates me. I did some exploring on foot and when I made it back to familiar territory I got back on the bike. I rode a little longer but when the light started to fade I finally gave it up and headed for home. Should have started earlier; I wasn't ready to stop.

Only about 7 miles, and part of that just walking, but it was a pleasant first ride (and walk) for 2014. No pics. I hadn't even thought about this being a blog post, but as it's Jan 1st, I guess I better post it.